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Titles: Captain of the Waves
Alignment: CG
Power: Lesser God
Portfolio: Sailors, Ships, Favorable Winds
Symbol: A cloud with three lightning bolts on a shield
Relationships: Servant of Tempus; Ally of Sel√Ľne; Enemy of Umberlee and Talos

The church of Valkur isloosely organized. Many clerics served as captains or sailors aboard ships and they usually met each other only if they happened to serve on the same ship or be in the same port. Valkur has no formal churches, though tiny shrines can be found in most ports, often as part of a temple of another god.

The clergy is known for helping sailors who were down on their luck. Priestly titles are drawn from naval ranks, with initiates being known as Holy Swabs, most priests known as Holy Mates, and higher ranking priests being Holy (or High) Captains.


There is nothing so invigorating as challenging the elements. The feel of wind on your face, and a pitching deck under your feet, is the greatest feeling in the world. Always defy the odds and dare to do the impossible; there is risk, but a life without risk is empty. Life is to be lived, and damn the consequences!

Be loyal first to your mates, then to your ship, and then to Valkur. Never rely on Valkur to save you, for he helps those who help themselves.

Holy Days

Valkur’s church celebrates only one holy day known as the Shattering. The exact date of the festival varies but it is always celebrated in the spring. The purpose of the festival is to celebrate the breaking up of ice floes in the north which marked the beginning of the sailing season.


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