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The World

Toril, occasionally known in the past as Abeir-Toril is the world of the Forgotten Realms. It consists of various continents and islands, including Faerûn, Kara-Tur and Zakhara in the central supercontinent and, throughout most of its history, Anchorome, Maztica and Katashaka in the western supercontinent. Following the Spellplague, however, at least Maztica (and likely Anchorome as well) was replaced by the continent of Returned Abeir. There is also one large and very mysterious continent east of Kara-Tur called Osse whose nature and inhabitants are all but unknown.


When the high elves first stepped upon its verdant soil, they called the world Faerûn, an old elvish term meaning “One Land.” Today, Faerûn describes only the westernmost portion of an immense landmass; Kara-Tur lies to the east. Faerûn is the cradle of the world. It is bounded on the west by the Trackless Sea, on the south by the Great Sea, on the east by the wide expanses of the Hordelands, and on the north by the ice of the uttermost arctic.

Faerûn is the central continent of the world, and the focus of the campaign. It is a diverse land in culture and geography.



The continent of Kara-Tur lies east of Faerûn. Trade, characters and artifacts occasionally arrive from Kara-Tur via the Golden Way, but beyond that there is little interaction between the continents.


Returned Abeir

Abeir is a realm once forgotten is forgotten no more. When the Weave unraveled and the Spellplague collapsed the walls of reality, the antediluvian world of Abeir crashed through to Toril. The two long-separated siblings were joined anew, but only imperfectly. Portions of Abeir fell across Toril, overlaying some lands and obliterating others. In Faerûn, the realms of Akanûl and Tymanther are Abeiran seeds that germinated nations. The greatest portion of the returning world, however, replaced Maztica, the continent west of Faerûn. Now, a savage land breathes beneath a steely sky across the Trackless Sea: Returned Abeir. Here, ancient primordials sleep while their rapacious dragon mounts of old rule vast empires. It is from Abeir that dragonborn and genasi hail, steeped in lore previously unknown in Faerûn.


The Underdark is a network of tunnels, caverns, seas, and rivers that spans the entire world. Lightless, but far from lifeless, the Underdark is home to a dizzying array of creatures, from the civilized but unforgiving drow to carnivorous monsters that haunt the darkness. In these depths, drow rule mighty cities, the queen of which is the metropolis of Menzoberranzan. But their rule is far from absolute. In dark tunnels, mind flayers conspire, and aboleths slide on mucus trails.


The Planes


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