Horde of the Dragon Queen: Chapter I

Greenest in Flames

A motley band of travelers, largely unknown to one another, meet on the road to Greenest, where they are all headed for their own reasons. They travel together for mutual protection on the dangerous roadways. As they crest a rise, they see the village a couple miles ahead, but rather than the pastoral site they were all expecting, Greenest is in flames.

A dragon hovers over the town, occasionally swooping in to slay or devourer the inhabitants. As they race closer, the party sees that the dragon is supported by raiders who are looting the town. Eager to help save some lives, the party moves into Greenest.

Both humans and kobolds are working with the dragon to terrorize and loot the town. After slaying a few kobolds, the party comes across a family fleeing more of the little monsters. The party defeats the kobolds, and the Swift family tells them they are bound for the keep—the only safe place in the town. The heroes decide to escort them there.

Along the way they encounter more kobolds and human raiders. Once they are all safely inside the keep, the heroes are summoned to the parapet to meet Governor Nighthill. While the dragon’s attacks have lessened throughout the night, the ground forces are wreaking havoc in Greenest. Nighthill implores the heroes to help where ever they can, starting with securing the old hidden tunnel that leads from the keep to the creek.



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