T'u Lung

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T’u Lung

Capitol: Balanzia
Population: 12 million
Demographics: 75% Humans, 9% Spirit Folk, 8% Hengeyokai, 5% Korobokuru, 3% Other
Government: Feudal Monarchy
Ruler: Emperor Wai Gada Sinzu
Religions: The Way

T’u Lung has been a separate state from Shou Lung since breaking away from its northern neighbor nearly four centuries ago. It used to be the southern part of the Shou Lung Empire. Since the establishment of the Lui Dynasty (the Green Dynasty) and the founding of the T’u Lung Empire, Shou Lung and T’u Lung have officially been at war, although the conflicts have ebbed and flowed, of course, but the provinces along their borders have become deserted and ruined from the endemic warfare. There is currently a truce between the two nations.

Composed of six provinces, T’u Lung is everything Shou Lung could become but is not. The provinces are ruled by hereditary nobles who pay as little attention to the T’u Emperor as they can get away with. Taxes go unpaid, free men are enslaved, and criminals left free. The government is corrupt on all levels, though in some rare districts a local magistrate may be somewhat honest and honorable. Poverty runs rampant throughout the nation. Unless forced to unite by some outside force (in the past this has most often been an invading Shou army) the nobles of T’u Lung fight incessantly among themselves.

T'u Lung

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