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Titles: The Avaricious; The Dragon Queen; Nemesis of the Gods
Alignment: LE
Power: Intermediate Goddess
Portfolio: Greed, Evil Dragons, Tyranny
Symbol: Five-headed dragon
Relationships: Enemy of Bahamut, Bane and Ilmater. Tiamat has no real allies.

Tiamat is one of the children of Io and therefore a member of the draconic pantheon. She has been worshiped since dragons first arrived in the Realms. During the ancient Time of Dragons, great hatred developed between she and Bahamut. After the Dragonfall Wars, many dragons turned their backs on the gods, and Taimat’s power diminished.

Much later, Tiamat worked her way into a pantheon of interloper gods from another world, to cull new worshipers in High Imaskur. During the Time of Troubles she betrayed the rest of the Untheric pantheon, but was ultimately banished to the Nine Hells. Since her exile, Tiamat has sought a means of escape, and dreams of a return to power.


Rival deities of all creeds and from every pantheon are inherently tyrannical. They seek only power, at any cost, despite their honeyed words. The Dragon Queen is the only being powerful enough to defy the gods and overthrow their despotic rule.

Work tirelessly toward the day when Tiamat will banish the gods from Faerûn and unite the world under her rule. Toward this goal, follow her commands unquestioningly and be willing to sacrifice yourself in her service.

To overthrow the gods requires power, and power is acquired through the accumulation of wealth and magic. Power demands respect.

Chromatic dragons everywhere are to be venerated as the spawn of the Dragon Queen and paid homage. When Tiamat assumes her throne, her draconic children shall serve her as dukes, and her clergy as their mortal vassals


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