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Capitol: U’chan Gompa
Population: 3.6 million
Demographics: 86% Humans, 8% Hengeyokai, 3% Korobokuru, 3% Other
Government: Theocracy
Ruler: Pang Ho-Han, Lord of Oceans, Abbot of U’’Chan, and the tenth High Lama
Religions: The Way

The Tabot nation was formed during the “Year of Frost” when the Shou Ho Dynasty decreed that The Path of Enlightenment was to be the official and only religion in Shou Lung. Many monks, temples and religious orders of the Way were persecuted in Shou Lung and they fled to the mountains.

The temple militias of sohei and monks that fled there formed an alliance against the Shou and founded the nation of Tabot. The Shou attempted invasions well into the early Kai Dynasty but had little success due to the Crystalline Warriors of Ji that protected Tabot. Centuries later, the nobles of Tabot were overthrown by a six-year-old boy called the High Lord of Oceans, and established Tabot’s current theocratic government in which the clergy of The Way holds most political power in the mountainous nation.

The land of Tabot poor but workable, and in the mountains herders graze herds of goats and sheep. Tabot trades steel, furs and ice for rice and corn. In all but the greatest cities the people live in tents and yurts.

Tabot is a wild land, with huge glaciers, avalanches and mud torrents. Many local nomads, graze their herds high in the mountains where the snow forever. Local draft animals, Yaks were domesticated many centuries ago. Fluffy snow birds, yeti, monkeys and tigers all thrive in this realm.


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