Moonshae Isles

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The Moonshae Isles

Capitol: Caer Cornwell
Population: 680,000
Demographics: 81% Humans, 6% Lycanthropes, 5% Elves, 4% Halflings, 2% Dwarves, 1% Half-Elves, 1% Others
Government: Monarchy
Ruler: King Derid Kendrick
Religions: Chauntea, Tempus, Bhaal, Malar

The Moonshae Isles are a group of islands that formed a roughly circular archipelago in the Sea of Swords off the Sword Coast. The islands are populated mainly by the native Ffolk and Northlanders, two human societies. Over the past century, the two groups intermarried and became more culturally unified. Since the Spellplague, King Kendrick’s rule is largely limited to the island of Alaron.

The Isle of Snowdown is controlled by the vampire Lady Erliza Daressin who was loyal to Amn. The Isle of Gwynneth is controlled by the fey Kingdom of Sarifal which was ruled by High Lady Ordalf. A tribe of Fomorians are in control of the island of Oman. The isle of Moray is under the control of lycanthropes

Moonshae Isles

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