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Population: 150
Demographics: 56% Humans, 19% Dwarves, 9% Halflings, 6% Elves, 4% Gnomes, 4% Half-Orcs, 2% Others
Government: Oligarchy
Ruler: A council of elders
Religions: Oghma, Moradin, Lathander

Founded as monastic community worshiping Oghma near the Troll Hills, the village was destroyed several times until abandoned around 1166 DR. Later, several adventuring bands searched the site seeking riches but were either killed or driven off by the hordes of trolls which took over the ruins. Finally, the warrior Kheldrivver organized a force to deal with the trolls.

Places of Interest

The Troll’s Nose Inn: Named for the massive snuffed troll nose on the signboard, the inn offers solid but unexciting fare at outrageous prices.
Ungairmer’s Bootery: This large mercantile buys and sells secondhand material of all sorts, from sails and wagons to daggers and belt buckles. The shop drows its name from the custom-made boots supplied by the finest corvisers in Waterdeep.
The porch of this large warehouse is quite large, and festooned with lanterns. At night, the porch becomes the closest thing Kheldrivver has to a tavern, as the owner Shubba, rolls out kegs of stout.

Mention the Troll’s Nose Inn in game for an XP bonus


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