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The Hordelands

The steppes north of Murghôm are blasted in winter by storms from the Great Ice Sea, and baked in summer by searing winds from the Quoya Desert. This inhospitable mixture of extremes discourages all but the hardiest peoples from settling in a land others view as the Endless Waste.

The horse warriors known as the Tuigan, descendants of the ancient empires of Imaskar and Raumathar, have long lived a nomadic existence on the rolling tundra and steppes of the region. Today, the environs in and around the Lake of Mists are home to all manner of elemental beasts. The lands for miles around are scattered with low mounds topped by standing stones. On the far eastern border of the Hordelands, past the enormous Quoya Desert, lie the ruins of the Dragonwall. The spirit of the dragon that once inhabited this structure was released from its millennia-long imprisonment during the chaos of the Spellplague.


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