Greythorne Keep

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Greythorne Keep

Population: 197
Demographics: 57% Humans, 15% Half-elves, 11% Elves, 8% Halflings, 4% Gnomes, 3% Dwarves, 2% Half-orcs
Government: Feudal County
Ruler: Lord Ewan Greythorne
Religion: Eldath, Mielikki, Silvanus

The small fishing village of Greythorne keep sits on the north bank of Highstar Lake. The humble village boasts only a handful of businesses, most of its citizens are fishermen. A wooden palisade is being erected around the village, but progress is slow, and the threat of monster attack looms over every citizen each day the wall remains unfinished. Work on the project has stalled, and rumor has it Lord Ewan was swindled out of funds marked for the construction.

Lord Ewan is vassal to Lady Moonfire of Loudwater, charged with taming this dangerous region.

Locations of Note

The Temple: This modest, unnamed wooden temple is dedicated to Silvanus and his daughters.
Rosemont Tavern: A small but lively tavern that usually smells slightly;y of fish thanks to its clientele. The ale is good, but the food is limited overly salty fish stew, hard bread, and the occasional mediocre kidney pie. The tavern offers a large common room for overnight guests, and two small, private rooms for visitors interested in privacy.
Imbrel’s Goods & Sundries: The halfling Imbrel Featherfoot owns this eclectic shop that offers a wide assortment of new and used goods from lands distant and nearby. Calishite boots, Amnish linens, carved scrimshaw from Icewind Dale, Waterdhavian candles, Cormyrish jams and jellies, and a even Kara-Turan puppets can be found next to locally made tunics, crockery, and cornhusk dolls.
Black Anvil Smithy: Owned by two dull-witted borthers, The Black Anvil offers horsehoes, tools, and other passable metalwork at reasonable prices. They also offer poorly made weapons, helmets, and shields.

Greythorne Keep

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