Dragonback Inn

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The Dragonback Inn

One of the oldest inns in Daggerford, the Dragonback has fallen into disrepair in the past century. As the longtime owner Alian “Dirty Bottom” Cragheart grew more cantankerous and eccentric, the inn suffered. Known for the vile swill on tap, the bland, overcooked food, its leaky, drafty rooms, and its staggering vermin problem (rumor has it the entire third floor is overrun with lice-infested rats), few locals bothered with the place. Most of its scant business was from travelers who didn’t know any better.

Recently, a pair of adventurers purchased the inn. While Old Dirty Bottom still lives at the inn (and loudly bemoans every change), Content Not Found: baer-battlebeard_ and _Content Not Found: iblis-elko are doing their best to clean the place up. Within a month of buying the place, they had cleaned up and reopened the taproom—newly decorated with trophies from the black dragon they slew in the Lizard Marsh. The new owners are hopeful they can start renovating the guest rooms soon.

In an effort to promote the new direction, they offered free beer. While mostly an opportunity to unload the vast stores of swill, it also gave customers a sample of Baer’s new artisan craft brews.

Time will tell if the new owners can compete with the town’s more established inns.


Dragonback Inn

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