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Population: 900 in the city, with another 300 in the outlying region.
Demographics: 57% Humans, 24% Halflings, 10% Dwarves, 4% Half-Elves, 2% Gnomes, 1% Elves, 1% Others.
Government: Oligarchic Monarchy
Ruler: Content Not Found: duke-maldwyn-daggerford-2 and the Council of Guilds
Religion: Lathander, Chauntea, Tymora, Tempus

Daggerford is a walled town on the Sword Coast, midway between Baldur’s Gate and Waterdeep along the Trade Way. Its is dominated by humans, halflings, and dwarves. Daggerford sits on the north bank of the River Delimbiyr (known locally as the Shining River). There are a number of outlying hamlets, farms and estates beyond the walls.

The town is divided into several districts.


Farmer’s Quarter

Daggerford’s largest district, the Farmer’s Quarter, is home to farmers, herdsmen, and businesses that cater to them. The temple of Chauntea sits on Farmers Way. Several prominent businesses surround the open marketplace—including Jerdan’s Smithy, the Happy Cow Tavern, and the River Shining Tavern. Wall Street is home to more humble establishments like Cromach’s Smithy, Helmick’s Apothecary, and the Dragonback Inn.

Cromach’s Smithy: This smithy is owned by a taciturn dwarf named Tholvar Cragjaw.

Dragonback Inn: The Dragonback is a three story inn next to the Farmer’s Gate whose glory days are well behind it. Alian “Dirty Bottom” Cragheart has owned the establishment for nearly 250 years; in his old age the dwarf has let the inn fall to disrepair. The roof leaks, the rooms are drafty, the beds are infested with fleas, the beer is sour, and the food is bland.

Gublin’s Cloth & Cordage: Gilly Gublin supplies most of the cloth and rope in the area. Gilly’s ropes are of such fine quality that he exports his wares upriver.

The Happy Cow Tavern: This pleasant tavern serves the town’s farmers and townsfolk, and is a favorite of the community’s halfling population.

Harvest House: The temple of Chauntea is a large building with an open courtyard, lush with plants, in the center. The High Priestess, Content Not Found: hadeshah, presides over prayer services, ceremonies, and other rituals. Her acolytes spend most of their time in the outlying farms, blessing fields and harvests.

Jerdan’s Smithy: The town’s only human blacksmith, Jerdan Went, competes with the dwarves by offering inferior goods at lower prices.

Helmick’s Herbs & Oddments: This three-story building offers the finest selection of herbs, spices, and other mystical oddities. Most potions and herbal remedies in Daggerford are crafted by the owner and master apothecary, Helmick Howager.

River Shining Tavern: This massive tavern caters to those with money. The River Shining offers richly appointed rooms on the second floor, and huge suites on the third floor.

Caravan Quarter

The Caravan Quarter is full of shops, inns, and transient population of travelers. Noteworthy businesses include the Decorated Man, the Lady Luck Tavern, and Oryv’s Emporium. The shrine of Tymora is found along the Trade Way.

The Decorated Man: A large family of gnomes operate this tailor shop. The patriarch, Ballick, uses illusion magic to show his customers how they will look in their new clothes.

Fairfortune Hall: The local shrine of Tymora is run by the halfling lay priest Content Not Found: curran-corvalin_.

Lady Luck Tavern: Glenys Orcslayer owns this popular place for taletellers, soldiers, adventurers, and fun-seekers alike. The taproom is a lofty, open chamber with balconies all around it at varying levels. Each balcony contains a booth for patrons and is linked to at least two other balconies by broad flights of stairs. The entire tavern is filled with helms, shields, broken swords, and other bits of adventuring gear. Any toast given in the tavern must include a salute to the pillar and the words: “ “To those who have fallen before us”.” Those who bring the relics of fallen comrades are given a free drink.

Miller’s Dry Goods: Bess Miller, the Content Not Found: sherlen-miller-1_ sister, sells flour, grains, and a variety of other goods. A successful woman, Bess has received many offers of marriage, but has politely spurned them all.

*Oryv’s Emporium:* Oryv, a shrewd elf merchant, specializes in fine imported cloth but also sells domestic products.

Money Quarter

The Money Quarter is home to the city’s wealthiest citizens.

Farrel’s Fine Jewelry & Apparel: This shop is the largest store in town. It sells cotton, silk, rare furs, and thread imported from Calimshan, Kara-Tur, and more exotic regions at prices even higher than you’d pay for them in Waterdeep. The shop is owned by a middle-aged half-elf named Darson, who took over after Farrel’s son ran the place into debt half a century ago.

The Lizard’s Gizzard: It took a long time for the locals to warm to Sasha, the half-orc owner of this large inn. The Gizzard offers no food or drink; only sleeping rooms. Sasha runs a laundry as a side business out of the first floor, employing mostly refugees, orphans, and outcasts.

Sword Coast Trader’s Bank: This fortified building stores the wealth of travelers and locals merchants alike. Lady Belinda Anteos owns similar banks in Waterdeep and Baldur’’s Gate, allowing funds deposited to be withdrawn from any of the branches. Though the bank also offers loans, most locals are hesitant to borrow.

Trade of the Tools:Some consider this rat’s nest a blight on the Money Quarter, but the locals’ affection for eccentric old Ander outshine any concerns. The old man refurbishes used tools to sell or rent.

River Quarter

The River Quarter is home to those who make their living from the river, such as fishermen and riverboat merchants. Daggerford’s militia barracks and constable are found here. The district is home to the town’s largest smithy, the barracks, the constable, and the shrine of Tempus.

Barracks: The barracks is a two-story building with a drill field, that houses the town militia.

The Clean Chin: Daggerford’s most eligible dwarf bachelorette Hunnett Honestone inherited this combination barber shop and undertaker service when her father died 20 years ago. She and her elderly mother, Ranna, live on the top floor.

Constable: The constable and his seven deputies use this one-story building as their headquarters. All are also members of the militia, but their first duty is to break up fights on the streets and to make sure that crime is kept to a minimum. The constable’s office contains several cells where prisoners are held.

Derval’s Smithy: The dwarf Derval Ironeater owns Daggerford’s largest smithy. He is a highly skilled smith, a member of the Council of Guilds, and a mentor to the other blacksmiths in town. The smithy specializes in war gear, offering swords, axes, and shields.

Silver Flood Inn: This inn was built during a short-lived silver rush a few decades ago. The rooms are decorated with mining tools and supplies.

The Table of Swords: Located next to the barracks on River Street, the shrine of Tempus is a ramshackle building decorated with war trophies donated by parishioners.

The Commons

The Commons is largely kept clear to act as an emergency pastureland. This area is home to the Duke’s castle, the town stables, the shipyard, and the temple of Lathander. One of the towers on the city’s wall is owned by the ancient wizard Delfen.

Morninglow Tower: This is the largest religious center in Daggerford, directly supported by the duke, and it shares the hillside with the castle. The tower is constructed of pink marble, and adorned with beautiful stained glass windows. The high priest of Lathander, Content Not Found: luc-sunbright-1, is the most powerful cleric in town.

Shipyard: This shop builds all manner of watercraft, mostly fishing boats and river barges, but also smaller rowboats and canoes.

Stables: This general livery is available to everyone in town. Militia warhorses, draft horses for the water carriage, and the personal horses of the town’s residents are all housed here.

Nearby Communities

There are several tiny hamlets that rely on Daggerford for protection and trade.


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