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Population: 180
Demographics: 60% Humans, 18% Halflings, 6% Elves, 6% Dwarves, 4% Half-Elves, 4% Gnomes, 2% Others
Government: Oligarchy
Ruler: Council of three elders
Religion: Lathander, Chauntea, Mielikki

Though this tiny village was once “just a bowshot away” from the Misty Forest, years of lumbering have put the edge of the woods farther from the hamlet and it’s surrounding farms. It’s central feature is a nameless tavern where farmers gather in the evening and travelers can find hot food and a warm bed.

Bowshot owes fealty to the duke of Daggerford.

Places of Interest

AndalorÂ’’s Mill: This mill provide cheap, green lumber for Waterdeep and Daggerford.
The Bowshot Inn: This rickety, poorly-lit inn offers drafty rooms with louse-ridden beds, terrible ale, and gummy squirrel stew. It has remained in business for decades strictly because it is the only inn around.


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