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Population: 2,800
Demographics: 60% Humans, 18% Halflings, 6% Elves, 6% Dwarves, 4% Half-Elves, 4% Gnomes, 2% Others
Government: Theocracy
Ruler: The High Priest of Lathander, advised by a five-member town council
Religion: Lathander

Beregost is a town on the Coast Way, halfway between Baldur’s Gate and Amn.

Beregost began as a small farming village, founded to support a school of magic that has longs since been destroyed. Today, the town is dominated by The Song of the Morning, a large temple of Lathander. The town is a major way-stop for merchant caravans, and contains several inns.

While Beregost’s offical government is a five-person town council, in reality, the town is run by the high priest of Lathander. It is policed by the Flaming Fist from Baldur’s Gate.


The Song of the Morning: A huge temple of Lathander. This fortified church is surrounded by stables, refectories, quarters, outbuildings, and gardens. Over 400 priests and acolytes, as well as 200 men-at-arms, live and work in the Temple.
Thunderhammer Smithy: This smithy has been in the Fuiruim famy for over a century. Temmy Fuiruim recently inherited the establishment from her drunkard uncle and is working to rebuild the smithy’s reputation for craftsmanship and quality.
Feldepost’s Inn: Popular among the elderly, this old inn has grown shabby and rundown inn recent years. The rooms are still comfortable, but everything is a bit threadbare and dated.
The Red Sheaf: The largest inn in Beregost, known for its fast service. The Sheaf offers no entertainment and is favored by merchants who wants to hold quiet businesses meetings.
The Jovial Juggler: Part inn, part dancing and drinking club, the Jovial Juggler is popular among the young people of Beregost.
The Burning Wizard: A large tavern known for its gambling and fine food and drink. The tavern is co-owned by the church, and is frequently by acolytes of Lathander.


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