Fane of the Sun Swallower: Part 4
Beneath the Temple

Highsun 4, 1484 DR
After a short rest, the party ventured into the crypts beneath the temple. The crypts were largely uninhabited, other than a gray ooze lurking in one chamber. The party found a fountain whose waters had healing properties. In one of the sarcophagi, Content Not Found: oren-greythorne found Dragonclaw, an enchanted scimitar. The party found two more statues, similar to the one they had discovered in the temple above.

Another set of stairs led further down, and the party heard many voices chanting the name of the dragon—Thoss Furynen. In a large cavern with a waterfall, the lizardfolk had constructed a makeshift temple dedicated to the dragon, where their queen led her diseased tribe in prayer. The group attacked, and swiftly cut down the creatures. The queen fled through a secret passage, but the party gave chase and slew her.

At the top of the waterfall Content Not Found: sir-gregor-greythorne found a cave with a carrion crawler, and claimed a ring of acid resistance. Another cave was full of fire beetles; here they found a long dead dwarf clutching an iron coin.

Taking the passage the lizard queen was attempting to escape through, the party eventually cave to a large cavern dominated by a pool. A huge mound of treasure lay in the back of the cave. Sizzledrool immediately became excited, and Gregor tried to calm him while the others peered around the cave looking for signs of the dragon. Content Not Found: iblis-elko spied a clutch of eggs at the other end of the pool, and fired a arrow at one.

Suddenly Thoss Furynen erupted from the pool, his eyes filled with rage. Seeing his missing wyrmling, he unleashed his acid breath on Gregor and Iblis. Content Not Found: baer-battlebeard_ and Oren moved in to attack the beast, while _Content Not Found: maechen-1 instead moved toward the treasure horde and began to search.

Gregor put a blade to Sizzledrool’s throat, and demanded the dragon back down. Iblis thrust her rapier into the dragon’s eye, while Oren slashed at i from the other side. The dragon attacked, and the knight killed the hatchling. The great dragon unleashed his full fury on the adventurers. Iblis was gravely wounded, but managed to survive.

All the while Maechen ignored their please for aid and continued rifling through the treasure pile. Baer saw her face shimmer briefly, as if it were a magical mask. Just as the dragon was felled, she located the altar stolen from Content Not Found: baroness-wynne-1, shattered it and seized some prize within. As she vanished water spilled from the broken altar and coalesced into the form of a water elemental. Once again the party was in a fight for their lives.

Gregor and Iblis were badly injured, but when the final blow was landed the creature was defeated and the heroes stood in triumph. They looked about them at the great piles of treasure and smiled.

Exploring the rest of the cave, they found more dragon eggs, each corrupted by disease. They destroyed the rest of the eggs, fearful of what horrors would emerge…

Fane of the Sun Swallower: Part 3
The Temple Ruins

Highsun 3, 1484 DR
The party explores a derelict galleon half-buried in the mud. The hulk is ridden with stirges and bullywugs. After clearing it out, the group rests for the night in the hold.

Highsun 4, 1484 DR
Late in the day Content Not Found: maechen-1_ leads the group to an island on a small lake that housed a long-abandoned temple of the the ancient sun god Amaunator (an older incarnation of Lathander). _Content Not Found: oren-greythorne assumed the form of a fish and swan around the lake until he found an underground tunnel, but he decided the distance was too great for his friends to safely swim.

Inside the temple they found infected lizardfolk and fire beetles. They spared the life of an old lizardman called Wrecan, who had long advised the tribe’s leaders. He told the party the mad queen of the tribe, Vethka, could likely be found int he caverns below the crypts, offering prayers to the dragon Thoss Fyurnen. Wrecan explained the dragon was outraged at the theft of his egg, and desperate to get it back before the return of his mate Cheleen.

Fane of the Sun Swallower: Part 2
Into the Lizard Marsh

Highsun 2, 1484 DR
The party encounters a group of benign lizardolk. These creatures are not allied with the dragon Thoss Fyurnen. Their leader tells the group that the “darkscale” tribe follow Vethka, a lizardfolk priestess of Talona, who has allied herself with the dragon. They reveal the location of the rival tribe: a lake whcih has an old ruined temple on a island. Maechen know the way.

The group is attcked by hungry alligators, and later by a swarm of stirges. Finally they rest an an old gazebo that dates to the lost elven kingdom of Illefarn.

Highsun 3, 1484 DR
The party finds a ruined manor that is home of a group of hideous half-orc, half-dwarves. These creatures are led by their Mamma, an orc shaman. The party learns they were hired by the Red Wizard Zaltos to steal an egg from the black dragon. After the battle the egg hatches, and the wyrmling bonds with Content Not Found: sir-gregor-greythorne. The party names it Sizzledrool.

The party encounters a troll. After killing the creature they track back to its lair and mate.

Later they come upon the wreck of a galleon, half-buried in the mud, miles from shore.

Fane of the Sun Swallower: Part 1
Arrival at Daggerford

Summertide 27, 1484 DR
The party is escorting a small merchant caravan from Secomber to Daggerford. Along the way they are waylaid by goblins, where one of the merchants is killed.

Summertide 29, 1484 DR
The caravan is attacked by harpies, and another merchant is lost. Late that night, the group arrives in Daggerford. They party stays at the Dragonback Inn, which Iblis and Baer are interested in purchasing. The inn is owned by Angus “Dirty Bottom” Cragheart, a cantankerous and ancient dwarf, who is leery of selling his dilapidated establishment.

Gregor learns that a red wizard has been arrested, and is to be executed the day after Midsummer.

Summertide 30, 1484 DR
Rain pelts Daggerford, and the town is packed with visitors. Gregor is granted an audience with the Red Wizard for the morning of his execution.

Summertide, 1484 DR
The Festivals of Games is ruined by the stormy weather hammering the Sword Coast.

Highsun 1, 1484 DR
The red wizard, Arvik Zaltos, turns out not to be the one who robbed the Greycastles, and he questions why a red wizard would stoop to robbery—he suggests there may have been something else of value in the vaults.

After Zaltos is hanged, a rider reports that Cromm’s Hold is being attacked by a black dragon. Sir Isteval organizes a group of militia to speed to the hold’s aid, and asks the party to join.

Once they arrive at the Hold, they learn that the dragon, calling itself Thoss Fyurnen, the Sun Swallower and Chosen of Talona demanded tribute in the form of an altar likely dedicated to Umberlee. Content Not Found: baroness-wynne-1 complied, but the keep was attacked by diseased lizardfolk all the same. The guards managed to repel the invasion by the time the group arrives from Daggerford.

Sir Isteval suspects this incident may be linked to the recent orc attack on the estate of Lord Flosin, where an altar was destroyed. He asks the party to explore the Lizard Marsh and seek out the dragon’s lair to learn more about the stolen altar. One of the guards, Content Not Found: maechen-1, volunteers to act as a guide through the marsh.

Highsun 2, 1484 DR
The party pushes into the Lizard Marsh, where they encounter lizardfolk and a giant snake.


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