The most powerful mage on the planet... and boy does he know it!


Once one of the greatest wizards in the Realms, the Spellplague has left Elminster weakened and mad.

With the loss of magic, countless former apprentices and children throughout the Dalelands suddenly remembered once-magically erased events of inappropriate contact in “Uncle Elmi’s Play Palace.” A joint task force of paladins and bounty hunters from the Dales, Cormyr, and Waterdeep stormed the wizard’s tower in Shadowdale to make him answer for his crimes. The wily old mage managed to escape, with a young boy as hostage, and remains at large.

The recent reappearance of Mytra has restored Elminster’s powers. The goddess of magic wiped the memories of everyone who had knowledge of the wizard’s vile proclivities. Today, people hail the sage as a great man, and no one ever seems to ask questions about why so many young children go missing in the Dalelands…



FR-ToD Osgood