The Fall of Illfarn: Part 3

Zaltos Lives!

The Fading 19, 1484 DR
As they explore the Ironaxe Halls, the party comes across a young red wizard, inscribing another arcane circle to stabilize the mountain with several half-orc children. Content Not Found: baer-battlebeard tackles him before he can get a spell off, and the others pummel him into submission after getting the children out of harm’s way.

Having no wish to die, the red wizard reveals the whereabouts of Content Not Found: arvik-zaltos and agrees to leave the mountains and the order behind so long as his twin brother is likewise sparred. Through a telepathic bond, the other brother appears a short while later, with their possessions and leads his battered brother away.

The party rests in chambers with magical restorative powers, and decides it is time to face Zaltos before he realizes what is happening beneath him. Fearing collapse, they tell the elves to get the dwarves out of the mountain.

On the upper level, the party makes its way toward Zaltos’ laboratory, where they find him surrounded by wights and wraiths. Content Not Found: sir-gregor-greythorne calls upon the holy light of Mielikki to turn the undead horrors, destroying many of the wraiths.

Content Not Found: wong-3_ throws himself at Zaltos, unleashing a torrent of blows, while Baer harries him with his axe. _Content Not Found: oren-greythorne finds that his magic has no effect on the red wizard, so he turns his attention to aiding his nephew against the undead. Gregor is badly wounded, much of his life force sucked away, but manages to defeat the creatures.

Realizing the battle is lost, Zaltos casts a dimension door spell, and slips elsewhere in the halls. As his final blow lands, Wong realizes that Zaltos is not what he seems, and his human guise is untrue.

The party looks around the chamber for anything that may help them deal with Zaltos once and for all. They find an old elevator, but it breaks down, triggering the collapse they have been so concerned about.

The party makes their way toward the exit., ushering the dwarves the encounter out. As they move to the lower level, they find the magic circles have been disrupted and the anvil that holds the fire key is gone—magically transported away. The heroes make it out just as the mountain collapses.

As the dust settles, they find that most of the dwarves have survived, including their king—who vows to rebuild the mountain. The elves offer shelter at their camp, and the party has a much-needed rest.



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