The Fall of Illfarn: Part 2

The Mad King

The Fading 19, 1484 DR
The heroes make their way to the quarters of the captive dwarves. They move from room to room, letting the dwarves know the ocs below have been defeated. Though most of the dwarves wish to take up arms, they cannot disobey the will of their King.

Content Not Found: thord tells the heroes where to find the king’s quarters, and remains with the elves to convince the dwarves to act. While making their way towards the king, the heroes come upon a great hall with four vaults similar to the one they found below—having one iron coin, they can only open one safe, which runts out to be empty.

Content Not Found: baer-battlebeard_ is nearly crushed by a heavy stone door rigged to fall on anyone who pulls at it. Eventually the heroes find the king’s chamber, guarded by a wight. _Content Not Found: wong-3 quickly dispatches the undead creature, and they enter to meet the king.

King Korin, while younger than his late brother Derval, is quite old. Within minutes it becomes clear the dwarf has gone senile. Content Not Found: sir-gregor-greythorne_ manages to coax a few lucid moments out of Korin. He claims that even with the Clotskull orcs defeated, a very much alive Content Not Found: arvik-zaltos_ is far to powerful. He reveals that the red wizard is searching for the hammer of Korins younger brother Derwin (who is also dead). When Content Not Found: oren-greythorne aks about the owls not being what they seem Korin claims to know nothing, but his attention is immediately pulled to the small golden chest hanging from a chain around his neck.

As Korin’s wits depart once more, the heroes trick him into handing over his necklace. Eventually they realize that if one says the “the owls are not what they seem” while holding the tiny chest, a real chest appears nearby. Inside this chest they find some bad ale, treasure, a few iron coins, and a mahical hammer made of cold-forged iron… presumably the very hammer Content Not Found: arvik-zaltos seeks.

The heroes head back tot he vault to open the other safes, finding ancient texts in one, and a bag of holding and some potions in another. Having no iron coin to open the last chest, Content Not Found: wong-3 attempts to pick the lock… which awakens four earth elementals who attack. Once the elementals are defeated, the exhausted heroes find the final vault contains gauntlets of ogre power.



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