The Fall of Illfarn: Part 1

The Lower Halls

The Fading 19, 1484 DR
The party and their allies carefully make their way to the far side of the quarry outside the Ironaxe Halls. Though one of the elves is gravely wounded after a fall while rappelling down, the group eventually makes their way to the entrance of the dwarven halls.

Content Not Found: thord tells them that the Clotskull orcs control the lower level, while his people are held on the middle levels, and the red wizards control the uppermost level. Armed with the dwarf’s description of the layout, the party moves quietly inside, and battles orcs.

They find the halls to be in grievous disrepair, and on the verge of collapse. Thord explains that the red wizards have used magic to shore up the walls and prevent the whole thing from collapse.

Though their initial asault amnages to go unnoticed, eventually some of the orcs raise the alarm, drawing their leader—the ettin Harglevargle—and heavy reinforcements. In the end, the heroes stand victorious amongst piles of dead orcs, half-orcs, ogres, and an ettin.

In a chapel the heroes find an anvil the dwarves believed to bean artifact of Moradin, but what Content Not Found: oren-greythorne thinks is the resting place of the fire key. The anvil seems impenetrable, so they leave it for the time being.

Nearby, they discover Lump—Thord’s dimwitted half-ogre companion—sobbing over the loss of his pet rat (who was tuned to stone along with Content Not Found: darwa-dalion-1_). Content Not Found: wong-3_ finds another cave rat, and Content Not Found: sir-gregor-greythorne convinces Lump it is his beloved pet.

The party ascends to tell the dwarves their liberation is at hand, and beseech them to take up arms.



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