Cursed Crypts of Ambergul: Part 1

Tomb Robbing

The Fading 3, 1484 DR
The party arranges to travel south with a caravan bound for Baldur’s Gate. They spend the night at Liam’s Hold.

The Fading 4, 1484 DR
At mid-day, the heroes part company with the caravan, and follow the broken path toward the Ambergul estate. Along the way they are attacked by a group of goblins and bugbears lurking near a ruin, but the heroes manage to defeat the creatures.

As dusk approaches, the party comes to a graveyard – all that remains of the estate. Tracks indicate that a large group has recently been pillaging the crypts. They find a secret door in one of the crypts that leads to a chamber occupied by a pair of guard, one of whom turns of to be Arassan. The party convinces him to give up this job and return to Onya, though they have to incapacitate his companion first.

Arassan tells the party about the rest of the team, and points them to another secret door that leads to catacombs below. He expalins that the others are long overdue before he departs with Content Not Found: sir-gregor-greythorne horse.

The heroes find the path blocked by a massive stone cube. With some effort they manage to push the block down the hall, revealing a side passage; due to the slope of the floor there is virtually no chance of moving the block back the other direction.

The side passage leads to a series of crypts of the Amergul family. In one they encounter the ghost of a deformed member of the family, who was bound to the mortal realm by four mirrors (constant reminders of his wretched appearance). After Sir Gregor is possessed, the other manage to release the ghost by destroying the mirrors.

In another crypt they find the desiccated corpses of two of the other tomb robbers, and the wraiths who killed them. Though victorious, the party is badly wounded, some suffering the life draining effects of the wraiths’ touch. When they make their way to the entry hall to make camp outside the tomb, they discover the block has been moved again, and their way out is blocked.



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