Return to Daggerford

The Fading 11, 1484 DR
The weary adventurers collect the bodies of their fallen comrades, and then drag the stone form of Content Not Found: darwa-dalion-1_ to the chamber with the gas that can transmute stone to flesh. The red wizard is initially defiant, but soon becomes more subdued upon learning her mentor _Content Not Found: arvik-zaltos has been executed. They shackle her and make their way back to town.

The Fading 14, 1484 DR
Daggerford is a welcome sight after the ordeal in the crypts, and Darwa’s many attempts to escape. The party immediately hand her over to the law, and make their way to the Dragonback Inn. Dirty Bottom has begun restoring the in to its former “glory” and is clearly disappointed to see they have survived.

Suddenly a group of elvish bounty hunters burst in and arrest Content Not Found: jallal-duskwood_, stating that they have been tracking him for years to answer for his criminal misconduct with youngsters. A stunned _Content Not Found: wong-3 asks the others if he can remain at the inn while he decides what to do next.

The Fading 15, 1484 DR
In the morning Content Not Found: baer-battlebeard_ and Content Not Found: oren-greythorne_ take the bodies of their companions to the temple of Lathander. Content Not Found: luc-sunbright-1 agrees to return them to life for a healthy donation, misinforming them that it will take an entire day to prepare the rituals.

In all likelihood Grit and Lump took the earth key back to Mount Illefarn, and it is clear the red wizards believe the fire key is in the dwarven halls. Though he is eager to return home, the party convinces Content Not Found: thord to wait until they can accompany him.

The Fading 16, 1484 DR
The rest of the party is overjoyed to find Content Not Found: iblis-elko_ and _Content Not Found: sir-gregor-greythorne alive again at the temple. Gregor has a renewed sense of purpose, and wants nothing more than to rid the land of the threat of the red wizards, but Iblis has decided her adventuring days are done.

Word has spread about the party’s latest adventure, and they are invited to dine with the Content Not Found: duke-maldwyn-daggerford-2 the next evening.

That night, the skies glow orange. The forest of the Laughing Hollow, near Mount Illefarn have caught fire.

The Fading 17, 1484 DR
At the ducal castle, the heroes dine with Content Not Found: duke-maldwyn-daggerford-2_, his sister _Content Not Found: lady-morwen-daggerford-2, and their old friend Sir Isteval. Isteval suggests the heroes visit Derval’s Smithy before they set out.

The Fading 18, 1484 DR
Derval it turns out was once the king of the dawrves of Mount Illefarn. It was he who bade his people abandon the halls, and it was his rebellious brother who returned and was ultimately overwhelmed by orcs. Just as he is about to reveal what he knows, the ancient dwarf dies.

A speak with dead ritual allows the party to learn a few cryptic things: They are directed to seek the elf king of the Laughing Hollow as an ally, and told the the “owls are not what they seem.”

That afternoon they set out for the mountain, passing worried farmers and scouts from Daggerford.

The Fading 19, 1484 DR
By the time they arrive, the fires have died down, and the forest is reduced to ash and cinders. The party battles some goblins scrounging in the burnt trees. Later, they find a bad of elves, who they convince to escort them to Alagarthas, prince of the elves.

Hearing their tale (and weary from searching for survivors), the prince and half his retinue agree to accompany the party to the mountain. By evening they reach the foot of the mountain and prepare to enter.



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