Fane of the Sun Swallower: Part 5

Return to Daggerford

Highsun 4, 1484 DR
Exhausted from their battle with Thoss Furynen, the heroes made camp in the dragon’s lair.

Highsun 5, 1484 DR
The heroes explored the rest of the caverns, following the underground river back to the lizardfolk cave. Along the way they discovered a corrupted pool—the source of the disease that afflicted the tribe. They used the remaining statues, and discovered that the souls of the high priests within were tormented by the ordeal, so they destroyed them all.

Confident no further dangers awaited, the heroes took the day to inventory the dragon’s impressive treasure horde, and haul it out. After constructing a makeshift raft, they began the slow journey back to civilization.

Highsun 7, 1484 DR
The storms that had been pounding the swamps finally broke, but ti was replaced by terrible heat. Late in the day, the party happened upon a hydra sunning itself. The heroes managed to slay the beast, and track back to its lair, where they found still more treasure, including a magical adamantine greataxe: orcschlaten.

Not long after, they came across a group of soldiers from Cromm’s Hold, who escorted them out of the swamps.

Highsun 8, 1484 DR
Upon arriving at the keep, the party was reunited with Sir Isteval. The paladin reasoned that the water altar the dragon had and the air altar previously stolen from from Lord Floshin might have two siblings—one dedicated to fire and another to earth. Isteval was very concerned about the shapeshifter that joined the party in the guise of Content Not Found: maechen-1… it seemed to strike a cord of memory, but the knight would say no more of it. He agreed to return to Daggerford with the party before setting off for Waterdeep to research matters.

Highsun 9, 1484 DR
Upon returning to Daggerford, the party began spending their newfound wealth: Content Not Found: oren-greythorne_ and Content Not Found: sir-gregor-greythorne_ commissioned armor from the hide of the dragon, while Content Not Found: baer-battlebeard and Content Not Found: iblis-elko negotiated with Old Dirty Bottom to purchase the Dragonback Inn.

Highsun 11, 1484 DR
Content Not Found: sir-gregor-greythorne set out for Greythorne Keep with his share of the treasure. While nowhere near what the family had lost, it would be enough to keep his father from ruin.

Highsun 24, 1484 DR
Gregor returned to find his companions hard at work on restoring the inn (all the while enduring Dirty Bottom’s criticism, since his permanent residence was part of the bargain). The group discussed their options for locating the other altars, but there were so many ruins around the countryside, there was no clear idea where to start.

Highsun 28, 1484 DR
In an effort to get rid of the multitudinous hogsheads of swill in the cellar and promote the new and improved Dragonback, Iblis and Baer opened the taproom with promises of free beer (the swill and samples of Baer’s latest brew).

Outside, a pair of guirdsment were nailing up a wanted poster—one of them turned out to be the real Content Not Found: maechen-1_, who was horrified to learn an imposter had sullied her good name. The notice posted a 1,000 gold piece bounty for of an associate of the late Content Not Found: arvik-zaltos_: a woman named Content Not Found: darwa-dalion-1.

The Fading 1, 1484 DR
While wandering through the stalls of the market, the heroes are drawn to a puppet show which depicts an inaccurate but humorous version of their adventure against the dragon. After the show, a young pregnant woman approaches them, and asks that they meet her in the shadow of Delfen’s Tower at dusk.

The woman, Onya, tells them that the father of her child has fallen in with a bad crowd. Arassan set off to plunder some ruin near Cromm’s Hold, and hasn’t been seen since. When she saw the wanted poster for Content Not Found: darwa-dalion-1, she recognized the woman as a friend of her lover. She fears he has become embroiled in some dark plot, and begs the heroes to find him.

After she leaves, the party is teleported inside the tower, where Delfen admits to hearing their conversation (despite the local rumor that conversations in the shadow of his tower cannot be observed). The wizard tells the heroes that long ago corrupt Netherese nobles int he area took to the worship of Elemental Evil. Having followed recent events with interest, Delfen believes the altars recently stolen are tied to this ancient cult.

He believes the long dead Ambergul family was part of this cult, and it just so happens the ruins of their estates seem to fit the description of where young Onya’s lover planned to plunder. He suggests the party should check it out, and offers them a book about the Red Wizards and a wand of secret door detection.



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