Cursed Crypts of Ambergul: Part 4


The Fading 11, 1484 DR
The underground river takes the party steadily downward, until it deposits them in a long hallway. Though the river continues beyond, Content Not Found: wong-3 spies tracks leading down the hallway.

Through a doorway, they find a large chamber with six pools, each filled with a different type of liquid: silver liquid, a lavender liquid (that turns out to me a thin sheet of metal), ordinary water, boiling water, syrupy golden liquid, and opaque blue fluid. At the bottom of each pool, they find a treasure of some sort ranging from humble healing potions to a mighty magical staff.

A partially opened portcullis seems the most likely route, but it turns out to lead instead to a group of minotaurs who are roasting a member of Darwas’s band, the dwarf Content Not Found: thord. Once freed Thord explains the path their party took, revealing that his son Grit and the half-ogre Lump escaped with the earth key, likely bound for their home Mount Illefarn.

To leave the dungeon, they have but one final obstacle to face: The lich Alicia.

With Thord’s help, the party splits to take Alicia from two sides. After a pitched battle, the lich is defeated and the party takes down her mummies—including her latest acquisitions: Content Not Found: iblis-elko_ and _Content Not Found: sir-gregor-greythorne.



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