Cursed Crypts of Ambergul: Part 3

The Earth Altar

The Fading 11, 1484 DR
The party quickly defeats the medusa and her flesh golem guardian. They discover the remains of Olivine’s dead husbands in her chamber.

Beyond the heroes find a room full of figurines, among them a few of value. The room also contains two petrified trolls, who are reanimnated by a gas the turns stone to flesh. After defeating the troll, they find a secret passage, which eventually leads them to the altar dedicated to Ogremoch, the evil prince of elemental earth, and their quarry: Darwa Dalion.

The witch has been turned to stone. Nearby the altar lies in rubble, glowing with strange magical energy. There was no sign of the elemental key. Content Not Found: jallal-duskwood surmised the altar was trapped, and Darwa fell victim to is curse. The party continued on in hopes of finding the witch’s allies and the key.

They found the remains of one of the raiders in the next chamber—a long hall filled with light from artificial suns emblazoned on the doors. The corpse had been killed by a creature lurking above, which the party dispatched.

The trail then takes them to a chamber filled with gargoyles, and an other fallen member of Darwa’s party. After defeating the gargolyes, the only way out was through a flowing underground river.



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