Cursed Crypts of Ambergul: Part 2

A Death in the Family

The Fading 4, 1484 DR
With the way out blocked, few options remain: They can either follow the secret passage Content Not Found: darwa-dalion-1 party took, or explore the other crypts. They find the crypts for Alicia and Olivine Amergul (neither of whom are interred there), and a passage shrouded in red mist.

Content Not Found: baer-battlebeard bravely steps through the mist, and discovers a tiny chamber with three stones bearing elemental symbols embedded into the wall. Suspecting the stones may unlock a secret door, the party attempts to activate them, eventually realizing that simply touching a stone, transports all int he chamber to a near identical chamber elsewhere in the dungeon.

Fearful of losing Darwa, the party decides to follow her rather than exploring the other parts of the dungeon. The choice is one they will come to regret.

The secret passage leads them to a large gallery. The secret door places them almost right next to a feminine figure draped in funeral wrappings—a lich! The lich, who they suspect to be Alicia Ambergul, demands to know who they are. For a moment the party is uncertain, but upon seeing four giant urns shuddering as if they are occupied, Content Not Found: iblis-elko breaks the stupor and acts. She hurls a flash of alchemist’s fire into one of the urns. When the urn falls over they realize it contains a now burning mummy. The other three urns topple over, revealing that they too are occupied with mummies.

Having no choice now, the party springs into action and attacks the undead horrors. Idris is surrounded by mummies, and knocked unconscious. The lich and one of the mummies teleport to the other side of the gallery, where she begins casting a cloudkill spell.

Baer and Content Not Found: sir-gregor-greythorne_ attack the mummies, but as _Content Not Found: oren-greythorne prepares to heal Idris, he is attacked by an unseen enemy. He manages to cast faerie fire, revealing an invisible stalker.

Alicia’s cloudkill spell envelops the the party, and all but the dwarf fall. Sizing up the situation, Baer realizes he cannot save all of his friends—Content Not Found: sir-gregor-greythorne_ is already dead, and _Content Not Found: iblis-elko, though still breathing, is just too far away, so he tosses the druid over his shoulder and races past the invisible stalker.

The stalker chases after the dwarf, and they trade blows as they race through the halls. Grievously wounded, Baer chooses to make one final stand instead of running, and slays the stalker. He dives into the red mist and teleports away. Unsure if the lich is still in pursuit, he pokes his head through the mist to see where he is… and he seeing a medusa lounging in a divan. Thankfully the creature was looking the other way. He tries another stone, and finds himself in a passage with a statue of a dragon which h suspects is a trap. Exhausted, he decides to just rest in the teleportation chamber.

The Fading 5, 1484 DR
When Oren awakes, Baer tells him the sad news that their companions are gone. The druid grieves for his nephew. Having gained no relief from their meager rest, Oren uses what healing magic he has, and the pair decide to attempt to flee the dungeon the way they came—Oren will shapechange into a weasel so he can squeeze past the block and then figure out a way to free Baer.

As it happens a pair of adventurers also seeking the bounty are attempting to push the block themselves. Oren decides to take a chance and reveals himself. The adventurers decide to assist the stranger, and push the block far enough to release Baer. The survivors head outside, and collapse.

The newcomers Content Not Found: jallal-duskwood_, an elven wizard, and _Content Not Found: wong-3, a monk from distant Shou Lung decide to watch over the pair if for no other reason than to learn what dangers await.

It turns out that even outside the dungeon, Baer and Oren can find no rest. Oren suspects the treasures they took from the crypts was cursed. Even putting the treasure back has no effect, so the exhausted pair have no choice but to return to Daggerford and hope one of the temples can lift the curse. The elf and the monk agree to accompany them back to town.

The Fading 8, 1484 DR
Back in town Content Not Found: luc-sunbright-1, the high priest of Lathander performs a ritual that ends the curse. After several days without sleep Baer and Oren return to the Dragonback Inn and collapse into bed.

The Fading 9, 1484 DR
Eager to settle the score, the pair ask if their new-found friends would like to accompany them back to the crypts to clear it out and hunt ton Darwa Dallion. Convinced the iron chain they found in her crypt is the lich’s phylactery, they get it melted down at one of the local smithies.

The Fading 11, 1484 DR
The four make their way back down into the crypts. Though Oren want to confront Alicia and exact some vengeance, Baer convinces him they shroud take one of the other paths in hopes of surprising the lich.

Suspecting the medusa is Olivine Amergul, the party decides to take her and her flesh golem servant on first. With a renewed sense of purpose, and the skills of their new friends, the group makes light work of Olivine and prepares to step through the next door…



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